Our Process

HP AutoTech Process ImageHP Auto Tech performs engine restorations – not just repair – bringing them to original manufacturer spec (or as close to spec as possible with the materials and paint colors available today).

As our customer, you bring your engine to us. We do not extract, transport (transport can be arranged by 3rd party) or install. When your engine is fully restored, you arrange for pick up as well.

Our process is straightforward:

  • We look it over
  • Take it apart
  • Clean it
  • Assess the work involved
  • Discuss options and costs with you

Nearly every restoration begins with reconditioning the block and reboring the cylinders. We then go through and recondition every component as needed before moving into assembly.

Each customer is provided with a new engine care and start up sheet when you pick it up, because as much as we love restoring your engine the first time, we’re happiest when we don’t need to do it a second time.